Bay Bay's Chicken & Waffles of Margate

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Chicken & waffles to some may sound like polar opposites, but on the contrary the dynamic duo is a perfect combination. There's just the right balance of sweet, fluffiness from the waffle and the salty, crunchiness from the chicken that it truly is a match made in heaven. That's exactly why we're obsessed with Bay Bay's Chicken & Waffles!


This location is a franchise of the company with their newest home being right around the corner from our office, (talk about temptation), right here in Margate. They also have several locations in South Florida in West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach with even more coming soon. 

This eatery features typical chicken meals with sides, but has whipped up tons of combinations of the original chicken and waffles recipe that you couldn't even dream up! 

Peanut Butter & Jelly Waffles. Red Velvet Pecan Waffles. Hot Donut Waffles with white donut glaze and chocolate sauce. You see our point?

We love Bay Bay's because it truly is a unique eating experience that you just have to try to understand how amazing it is. 


So now the question is, who coming to Bay Bay's with us? 

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