Lessons Learned


I remember when I first decided to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. I was freshly laid off with a husband, mortgage, bills OH and 2 kids. It was really the perfect time (can you sense the sarcasm?). I had no idea what the hell I was doing, I thought about the things that I liked to do like shopping, eating and traveling of course were my top 3. How the hell was I going to make a living out of that? Well, prior to leaving my full time job I did dabble in the personal shopping industry - and yep, I was great. But, I didn't factor in all of the items that I had to return, all of the gas I was spending and all of the time that it took to wrap up a client.  Don't forget I had no "fashion" connects in beautiful South Florida β˜€οΈ

That was an eye-opener and the moment I realized that I loved working for myself but I did not love being a personal shopper. Oh, then there's the accessory line that I sunk thousands of dollars into then quickly realized that I could NEVER compete with Walmart, Target, or any big box store for that matter. During both of those "lessons learned" I realized that I was kicking ass at promoting my brand and obtaining press. This is when I knew that digital marketing and public relations was for me. 

A quick list of all the damn lessons that I learned (there's so much more):

  • It takes time to make a profit
  • A hobby (most of the time) is hard to flip into a business
  • Don't take out any loans - bootstrap that bitch
  • Surround yourself with people who have done the work (they love to share their stories)
  • Work your ass off (all of the time)
  • Hire people that will have your back when it's good & bad
  • When bad things happen just realize that they don't last forever
  • Stop worrying about what the damn competition is doing 
  • Create great content and be visible 
  • Make sure that your company has a culture 
  • Save for a rainy day (slow period)
  • Hire a reputable CPA & Lawyer 
  • Read, read and read some more 

You know how the old saying goes... "It's a marathon - not a sprint."