From Dragging To Dogs


Another crisis for good old United Airlines. Let's not forget the footage that went viral last year of a passenger being violently dragged off of its plane to make space for a crew member. Sadly, another public relations debacle and this one has hit heart strings across the globe because it involves a young girl and her adorable puppy. The public is outraged, and United (in our eyes) doesn't seem to be communicating its concern for animals in general. Let's break this down and take them to the 3E court of public opinion. 


How Did This Happen?

It's clear but unclear.. Allegedly, a United flight attendant told a passenger that the dog could not remain on their lap if the bag did not fit underneath their seat. The flight attendant then proceeded to "shove" the bag (with the dog inside) in an overhead bin (with no circulation). When the passengers heard the dog barking and tried to grab the bag from the overhead compartment they were told to stay in their seats due to turbulence. After hearing the dog bark for approximately two hours - the barking stopped. When the passengers checked on the dog he was dead. 


Who's Taking The Blame?

Ultimately, United is taking the blame but reports are stating that the flight attendant is apologetic and doesn't understand how this could have happened (really - no circulation in an overhead bin.. that's how). United "appears" to take the stance of "feeling sorry" and understands that they need to do better. But in our eyes, is that enough? Nope. Our faith and trust in United is shattered and we all have extremely low expectations of them in general. The blame game is real! 


Make A Comeback?

From Michael Vick to Tiger Woods remember, America loves a comeback story and we will ultimately give United a second chance "IF" they do it right. Acknowledge their fault, allow pet free and friendly flying, and update planes to have pet friendly rows and amenities. Donating a sizable amount to a pet organization and getting on the ground floor to do more for our furry friends could also help. Even with all of this the road will be tough but it is possible. Grab your popcorn and watch the show ya'll!