What Is Public Relations & Why Should Small Business Owners Care About It?

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When launching and scaling your small business, we often have a list of things we need to accomplish to be successful and order them based on what is the top priority. More often then not we see business owners put public relations, as well as social media and graphic design work, on the back burner.

Why? To us the need for public relations is clear as day, but what we've realized is most people don't understand what the actual industry is and why they need it. Can't blame someone who doesn't know what public relations is for not knowing they need it.

So if you're one of those business owners, no worries we have all your answers here on why you need to have a public relations agency or plan in place for your business.


What is Public Relations, Anyways?

To first understand the world of PR, we must first get a grasp on this thing called publicity. Simply put, publicity is FREE press. We love Entrepreneur's breakdown of this concept, because so often people assume public relations is actually advertising when in reality they're opposites.

With that, public relations is all about getting the good image of your company out there and developing mutually beneficial relationships with press representative.

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Where Does The Public Relations Agency Or Publicist Come Into Play?

This is basically a team or individual whose sole job is to get your company press features in newspapers, magazines, TV segments, radio and any other platforms. 

Think of us as the connecters who are constantly sending out copious emails filled with information on your company, accomplishments, events, highlights, etc. to media outlets in hopes that they'll do a feature for your brand. 


What Are The Benefits Of Having a Public Relations Agency Represent Your Small Business?

With press, the possibilities are honestly endless. We've seen clients' stories get picked up as local features that have translated into large press hits with national publications. Overall, the key benefit of having a PR agency take on your company is to get the word out there about what your company is doing. 

With that, the benefits that follow suite based on good public relations management include:

  • More Customers/Business, (because you can never have too many)
  • Broader Social Media Reach
  • Increased Brand Awareness/Recognition
  • Potential Business Opportunities, Partnerships & Collaborations 

And these are just several. With the right publicity, you'll never know what can happen or what opportunities can be extended your way.

So now our question is who's in charge of getting your company out there? If the answer is no one or you're not currently seeing the results you'd like, contact the Pink Ladies today to make the right change in your public relations game.