How To Effectively Use Twitter's 280 Characters To Your Advantage

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We've asked and Twitter finally delivered....The social media platform recently rolled out extended tweet character limits, doubling from a simple 140 to up to 280.

The change has now raised the question of how do we EFFECTIVELY utilize all these characters to our blog, business or brand's advantage?

We've become accustomed to shortening words, removing hashtags or links to make it all fit, but that struggle is no longer one we have to deal with. Now, we face the obstacle of still creating engagement-worthy content that's easy to be retweeted and liked across the world wide web.

So we've compiled our top three tips on how to use this newfound freedom on Twitter! Take this advice and we promise your tweets will remain on top. 


#1: You Have Wiggle Room, But Still Keep It Concise - The truth of the matter is we love Twitter because you get so much in such a short amount of words, phrases or emojis. Although the character limit changed, the culture on the platform of getting so much out of just a quick snippet hasn't quite evolved. Studies confirm people are reading less and less, so don't waste your extra characters bombarding people with too many words. BONUS: If you have A LOT to say, break the text up with emojis or separate into smaller segments.

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#2: Keep Your Hashtags To A Minimum - Studies have found that after adding more than 1-2 hashtags, the engagement rate decreases significantly. Yes you have more characters, but people still don't want to be overwhelmed with too many hashtags. Stick to your top, relevant ones and keep the rest of the tweet focused on content. BONUS: Not using Hashtags? Check out our post 'A Newbie's Guide To Using Hashtags'


#3: ALWAYS Add A Link - For businesses, bloggers and brands, traffic to your website is imperative for the survival of your business, so make sure you always add that link! In the past, due to character limits we used the infamous #linkinbio...which ultimately created another step for our audience. Now that you have more room, remove that hashtag and add your shortened direct link right into your tweet from here on out! BONUS: We love using Bitly to shorten our links so it doesn't overwhelm the tweet with a super long URL. 

Are you using the 280 characters effectively on Twitter? Love the new limits or totally hate them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! 

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