3 Tips For Better Live Streaming On Social Media

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Whether you're on Instagram story, Facebook live or using Twitter's integration with Periscope, live streaming is the new way of social media. Going live has allowed marketers and business owners to truly engage with their audience by connecting with them face to face, in real time. 

We think live streaming is great for hosting webinars, highlighting a live event or just having an open discussion on a topic with your followers.

So you like the idea of live streaming, so how do you actually DO it and do it WELL? We've come up with our top three tips to ensure your live stream session is awesome.


Unless you're live streaming a concert or loud event, picking a quite, brand appropriate location is crucial for success! Your audience will be zoomed into you and only you when you live stream, so making sure to select a location that allows them to hear you clearly and see you is important. 

Our recommendations: A cozy bookstore, your private office or your company's conference room.


No one wants to go live only to see no one's there to see your awesome stuff! Make sure to invite followers and announce it prior to by creating a quick flyer sharing you'll be going live. Once you've done that, continue to share this informations so this way we ensure everyone and their mother knows you're going live and it's going to be awesome.

Our recommendations: Send out an eblast, create social media platform specific graphics and ask people to share it with their following, too. 


People tune in to live to see what's happening in the moment and get real time engagement from the person going live. If you're hosting a webinar be sure to answer incoming questions. If you're streaming a fashion show, be sure to know the designers names so you can share them as they come down the runway. Live streaming is fun, but the engagement when you do it is CRUCIAL to keeping your audience's attention. 

Our recommendations: Prepare by asking anticipating questions that may come up and how you'd correctly answer them on behalf of the company. 

Love live streaming? Mastered the art of showing people what's going on? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below! Live streaming is also a part of our Event Marketing services, so if you're in need we're the team to boost your company's streaming skills.