Why We All Fell In Love With CardiB


It’s no secret that we watch a ton of reality TV shows. From the Bachelor to WAGS, we make sure to stay tuned in to the industry and what’s trending. I’ll never forget tuning into yet another crazy season of Love & Hip Hop New York and seeing a few new characters wondering how they were going to fit into the plot and if this season would be worth watching. Well, Mona Scott Young casted the right young lady for this season. The minute I saw Cardi in her first scene I immediately liked her, her vibe and her authenticity with the audience. Nothing fake, speaking the truth and being exactly who she is with the cameras off or on. From that moment I started to follow her rise and at that moment America started to pay attention. Those 3C’s that made her brand explode are key to her rise to fame.

  Photo: Complex Magazine

Photo: Complex Magazine


We can’t deny that Cardi has a certain type of aura about her. When we see her interact with her family, her friends or her fans she’s that girl that we all know in the neighborhood. The one that speaks the truth, the one that has your back, the one that changes for no one and you know that being around her it makes you a better person. That girl that you can bond with over a 40 ounce or a bottle of Moet. People acknowledge people like Cardi and want to soak up that energy. Even when she’s having bad days, she sees the silver lining and keeps it real with her fans.

  Photo: Shape Magazine

Photo: Shape Magazine


Cardi gets it. She knows where she’s from and knows how to get others on board. She’s not trying to be someone she’s not, just who she is Belcalis Almanzar. The #BardiGang is strong, loyal and definitely has her back. The most important aspect of her career and her rise is not the money and the fame but the impact that she has on her community. Her message is clear and she’s known what she’s wanted for years but waited for the right opportunities to present themselves. Love & Hip Hop introduced her to the industry and she used that platform to introduce her brand to the world. It’s the support of her community, her grind and her dedication that launched the next phase of her life.



From her underground mixed tapes to her collaboration with Bruno Mars, Cardi knows how to push the envelope and step outside of her comfort zone regardless of what others think. Her latest hit with Bruno Mars not only showcases her talents but introduced her to a new crowd. The crowd that is desperately wanting their 90’s back (yes, the Gen X’ers) and have received this gift through this song. We have now been introduced to Cardi (if they haven’t heard of her yet) and there’s no turning back. Her creativity will continue to keep her sound and brand fresh, fun and relatable.


We all have our inner “CardiB’s” and should take a deep look at how she’s managed to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. Remember, to us it looks like this is a fairy tale Cinderella story but Cardi has been working at this for years. We haven’t witnessed the hustle from back in the day but we’re happy she’s here and hope she goes home with a Grammy!