We Want To Know What Was Dove Thinking?

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By now it's no secret that Dove has experienced an epic fail with a recent image they posted on Facebook followed up with an apology that wasn't well executed. The ad and apology were deemed insensitive, racist and poorly thought out.

The image below has gone viral and is now the trending representation of the Dove brand. 

Stacey Ferguson who is the Founder of Blogalicious, a multicultural conference that has had a long time relationship with Dove as a sponsor, reported that the ad was created by the Dove UK global team in a Facebook post following a conference call with their partners. 

So this ad is circling around the internet despite being removed, the UK branch is allegedly responsible for this ad running even though it wasn't supposed to, but we want to know does this FIX the damage done? Dove is a household brand we're sure many families know and love, but will your love for products keep you as a customer?

We analyzed this ad from the PR perspective in house and question what the actual purpose of the ad was. Dove UK, we want to know what you were trying to say.

Although not in America, we live in a time where our nation is full of racial tension...so as PR specialists and social media marketers, we believe it's our duty to be aware and sensitive to what's happening in the world. 

So we say that to ask this, because it was the UK does that change your opinion on this image/ad? Share your thoughts with us on this topic in the comments below! We want to hear what's on your mind.